Master 6 tips for winning big in every fish shooting arena

Fish Shooting Arena for Money is a very hot game with bookmaker Phlove recently because of its simple gameplay, eye-catching graphics, and attractive payout rate. If you are learning and want to participate in this game, don’t miss the article below! Phlove will share detailed relevant information as well as the most accurate playing tips from experts to help conquer every online arena.

What is a Fish Shooting Arena game for money?

Introducing the Phlove fish shooting betting hall
What is a fish shooting game for money?

Fish Shooting Arena for money is a form of online game developed from the traditional fish shooting game commonly found in shopping and entertainment centers. Your task is to destroy the sea creatures that appear on the screen. The more you kill, the greater the reward. This amount of money can be converted and withdrawn to a bank account, so the fish shooting game is becoming increasingly popular and popular around the world.

Currently, this game is developing quite diversely with many different themes, updating more treasures, jackpots, etc. Thereby stimulating the conquest of players as well as creating excitement and curiosity for players. every game.

  • Fish shooting for money is a form of online game developed from the traditional fish shooting game
  • Fish shooting for money is a form of online game developed from the traditional fish shooting game

Phlove shares common mistakes in playing the Lucky Fish shooting game

Phlove shares common mistakes in playing the Lucky Fish shooting game
Phlove shares common mistakes in playing the Lucky Fish shooting game

The game of shooting fish for money has a fairly simple way to play, however, some players still make serious mistakes that lead to disastrous results. Here are the mistakes you need to avoid when participating in online fish shooting to redeem prizes:

Not understanding the basic rules of the game: H5 fish shooting game is quite diverse in form, each type has different rules. Therefore, many new players do not research carefully, leading to breaking the rules and losing everything.

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Not controlling the firing of bullets: Some players cannot control the time of loading and unloading bullets, causing waste and still not destroying the target.

Spending too much time on this game: Many people often think that this is an effective side hustle to make money but invest too much time in it. This will lead to fatigue and defeat.

List of popular weapons in fish shooting games for money you need to know

List of popular weapons in fish shooting games for money you need to know

To kill quickly and at the right target, you need five types of weapons commonly used in shooting fish for money such as:

  • Popular weapons in online fish shooting games today
  • Cannons: Have bullets from low to high with 7 separate levels.
  • Explosive bomb: Use when you want to destroy all types of fish in a certain area.
  • Poison: Poison fishes to make them move slowly, increasing the chance of hitting.
  • Electric shock: Causes sea creatures to be affected and their blood to decrease rapidly.
  • Shark trap: If you drop it in the shark’s path, you can catch them in just 30 seconds.
  • Double Gold: The amount of gold you receive will be doubled when dropping any object in the game.

6 Tips for playing fish shooting for money to “clear” every arena

6 Tips for playing fish shooting for money to "clear" every arena

The simple way to play means you must have many good tips and valuable playing experience to be able to win and make money effectively. Below is a summary of 6 tips to beat every bookmaker that every bookmaker needs to know:

The whisk shooting method in shooting fish for money gives the best results

  • Step 1. Before releasing the bullet, rotate the gun barrel continuously in a circle to get used to it, and repeat without interruption until the fish comes out.
  • Step 2. When the fish exits the screen, slowly shoot each shot. Note, for small animals, you should only use 1 pill, for larger animals, use about 2-3 pills.
  • Thus, after just a few rounds of shooting, you can completely destroy the small fish on the table while still defeating the big fish without wasting a lot of bullets.

Tips for playing in a forward-backward rhythm

This trick is used to shoot mermaids with quite good results. Specifically, with this method you need to follow the basic steps of adjusting the gun and aiming as follows:

  • Step 1. Shoot continuously, rapidly discharging bullets onto the fish’s body. Here, you need to choose a single target to increase effectiveness, usually large fish, treasures, and sea creatures that have great value in fish shooting for money.
  • Step 2. Then, slowly shoot each bullet to observe the direction of the fish, keeping a steady rhythm to prevent the fish from recovering.
  • Step 3. If you see the fish showing signs of weakness, fire continuously and continuously until it is destroyed, then stop.
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Take down sea creatures right off the board

According to some experts, fish that just leave the table are easier to destroy. You need to prepare the gun, aim at the target, and just wait for the fish to appear before shooting immediately. This way of playing fish shooting for money requires players to have careful gun adjustment techniques and accurate aiming to not miss any loot. However, for those who are new to this sport, you must practice regularly every day to get the best results.

Method of shooting with Extremely effective

Method of shooting with Extremely effective

The operating principle of this money-making fish shooting trick is based on catching the bullet against the wall and thereby rebounding with great pressure. However, to use this trick effectively, you must angle accurately and aim continuously at the target. The way to play shooting with marbles is quite difficult for beginners, but it brings extremely good results, killing even large fish easily.

The method of gradually increasing bullets is simple for beginners

Shooting tanks is the simplest way to play that new players cannot ignore. Specifically, when sea creatures appear, aim and shoot increasing bullets over time. Initially, each animal will have 1 bullet, then gradually increase until it is defeated. Although this way of playing makes you lose a lot of points, when the fish die en masse, it makes you gain many times more money, making quick profits after just 1 game.

Tips for firing consecutive bullets to destroy large fish

The target of this method of playing fish shooting for money is large creatures with high rewards. Therefore, you need to be really careful and persistent until the end to avoid wasting bullets and still not being able to destroy the target.

Tips for continuously shooting bullets to destroy large fish in fish shooting games

Specifically, when you see a big fish appear, use a single type of bullet to attack the target. At the same time, observe what types of fish are on the screen and which one you choose to destroy. Once identified, aim and shoot continuously until they are defeated. The continuous bullet method has the disadvantage of being quite expensive, but in return, you will get a big catch with a not-small reward.


Thus, 6 effective tips for playing fish shooting for money have been shared in detail by Phlove Fish Shooting Arena in this article. Each playing method has its own advantages and disadvantages suitable for each different game screen, helping you defeat the target quickly. Hopefully, through this, readers can choose a fish-shooting method that suits their abilities!

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