How to play Go Fish – a new card game that few people know about

Are you too fed up with today’s popular betting card games? You need to find a card game that can make you inspired to play cards again. Why not try playing Go Fish, this card game will not disappoint you. If you don’t know how to play Go Fish. Don’t worry too much, PHLOVE will introduce how to play this card game and useful information related to it.

Introducing the game Go Fish

Introducing the game Go Fish

Go Fish is an extremely entertaining card game. People often play Go Fish on fun occasions and gatherings with friends and family. Go Fishh helps everyone bond and have a fun day playing together. This card game does not have its origin. But it is very popular in Europe and America. In Asia, few people know how to play Go Fish.

Go Fish will use a common 52-card deck commonly found in card games to play. When playing Go Fish, you will never feel bored because this is a card game that is both highly entertaining and requires high strategy from participating players.

Introducing how to play Go Fish to you

Introducing how to play Go Fish to you

How to play Go Fish is not too difficult because it is a card game that focuses on entertainment for players. The playing order will be detailed below.

Game goal

The ultimate goal of players when participating in Go Fish is to try to create 4 identical cards to eliminate them. The winning player is the one who gets rid of all the cards in his hand. In case the cards in the “fish pond” pile are exhausted, the player who creates many combinations of 4 identical cards is the winner.

The stage of dealing cards to the players

The deck of cards used to play is the familiar deck of cards. To determine who the dealer is. Players will pick a card from the deck. To see who has the lowest card, they will have to deal with the cards. It is stipulated that card A will be the smallest, followed by leaves 2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10, J,Q, and K.

The players will sit in a circle. The person responsible for dealing with the cards will shuffle the deck of cards.

If there are 2 to 3 players, each person will receive 7 cards. If there are 4 players, each person will be dealt 5 cards. The shares will be clockwise. The remaining cards will be placed in the middle of the table and are called the “fish pond” pile.

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Steps to play Go Fish

The player who gets to act first is the player to the dealer’s left. This player will ask any player about only 1 card they need. You should ask for a card that can give you a combination of 4 identical cards. If the player is asked if the card is as you asked. Then they have to give you all those cards.

For example, you have 2 Aces. You decide whether the player has an Ace or not. If they do, they must give you all the Aces.

If you ask for a card and that player has the card you asked for. Then your turn will continue. You can continue asking that person or switch to asking other players.

If you ask for cards and create 4 identical cards, you need to play down those 4 cards immediately so that other players can see and confirm that your 4 cards are valid.

If the person you asked does not have the card you requested. You must perform the “fishing” action by drawing the top card from the “fish pond” deck. You must keep the card you just drew to see if it can be combined with your card. Even if you cannot combine it, you cannot return it and draw another card. The turn will then pass to the player on your left.

The turns continue to take place with the above actions. You must stop the game when you discard all the cards in your hand or the “fish pond” deck of cards has no more cards left for the players to fish.

Special note:

Some places stipulate that when the cards in the “fish pond” pile are gone, the players can continue to play. At this time, in each turn, you only need to ask for your opponent’s cards and do not need to act “fishing” at the end of each turn.

How to determine victory or defeat

How to determine victory or defeat

When the player has no more cards in his hand, he is the winner.

The second case is that the cards in the “fish pond” pile are gone. Next, calculate the number of combinations of 4 identical cards that each player has created. Whoever has the greater number of 4-card combinations will be the winner.

Conclusion on how to play Go Fish

Bookmaker PHLOVE has introduced all the information and how to play Go Fish to players. Start experiencing this card game to rediscover your joy and inspiration for betting. Hope you will have a fun time with this betting card game with your friends.

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