What is a Dealer? The Secret of a Professional Dealer in a Casino

Dealer is a profession that offers a reasonably attractive salary and great potential for development in the casino world. However, they still receive negative reviews from those around them. In addition, Dealer is also a job position in many other fields. In each field, they will have different tasks and roles. So, what is a Dealer? In this article, PHLOVE will analyze this profession a little.

What is a Dealer in Casino?

What is a Dealer in Casino?

In betting or gambling, especially in large casinos, people in the position of staff dealing cards are called Dealers. This job depends on the bookies and can become legal or illegal.

If in the form of freelance business, Dealers will receive a financial amount considered capital provided by the bookie, and the task of the Dealers is, from that capital, to be able to bring the highest profit to the bookie.

Casual dealers are also in a professional position and must perform many assigned tasks. They are experts in analyzing win-loss ratio odds and predicting opportunities and risks that may arise. This advises the house to give the most accurate final results, bringing the highest profits,…

Dealers in casinos have a relatively attractive income because every time the house wins, they will receive a commission according to the percentage discount rate. However, the dealer’s salary is also threatened if the home loses. If this situation is not feasible, the house will think that the dealer is incompetent, and they may face the risk of being fired.

Elements of a professional dealer in a casino

Elements of a professional dealer in a casino

Usually, Dealers in international casinos all have these factors:

A sharp mind: Although the requirements of a Dealer do not require qualifications like other professions. However, having a flexible mind is essential to grasp unusual changes promptly.

Good analytical and observation skills: A professional Dealer can see all the tricks of the players in the game. Nothing in the game can escape their eyes.

A deep understanding of casinos is an advantage: it allows one to grasp all the rules of the game. Avoid unnecessary confusion.

Fluent in foreign languages: customers of large Casinos come from everywhere. Therefore, foreign languages ​​are a huge advantage.

Good health: You must ensure the mind is always clear and healthy. To be able to make the right decisions.

Conditions to Become a Dealer

Conditions to Become a Dealer

To become a Dealer requires extremely strict conditions. In addition to specialized knowledge such as computers, English… you must be extremely sharp. Dealers must understand the casino in which they are doing business and the members who play.

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In particular, dealers must have skills or a sixth sense to anticipate problems and bad omens that occur at their casinos. However, the most important thing is to need people with good character to create trust in the house.

Being selected as a dealer is really not simple at all. They must go through rigorous selection rounds, which include participating in tournaments set by the house.

Along with that, through the selection consulting team, until they are proficient and demonstrate their ability in the job, they will officially join the Dealer team.

Reasons to register to become a Dealer at PHLOVE

At PHLOVE, a team of professional staff is ready to advise and answer all players’ questions.

In addition, the payment method is very simple, such as transferring money via bank. PHLOVE also supports customers if transferring in USD.

In addition, there are many online Casinos, such as Asia Gaming (AG Casino), Micro Gaming (European MG Casino), Playtech (Playtech Philippines Casino, Opus Gaming, and Top Trend Gaming … Attracting a large number of players to participate.

When becoming a dealer at PHLOVE, you will have a lot of space to showcase your judgmental talent. As a reputable house, the salary is paid fairly; you can handle whether your salary is short or not.


Here is the concept of what is a Dealer? and the conditions and benefits you will enjoy when you become a Dealer. What are you waiting for? Register to become a professional Dealer at PHLOVE!

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