What is Penalty Betting? How to effectively predict Penalty Betting

Learning what Penalty betting is will help you access the football betting market more easily. PHLOVE has compiled all the information from basic to advanced to help you better understand this type of football betting. So, don’t miss today’s article!

What is Penalty betting?

What is Penalty betting?

“Penalty” is used to refer to penalty kicks. Penalty kicks are taken at a position 11m away from the goal, applied when a player is fouled in the 16m50 area. The penalty is the only opportunity for a player to attack the goal without much obstruction.

So what is Penalty betting? This is a form of betting based on the result of a penalty shootout in a football match. Before each game, the bookmaker will provide options for players to register and bet on the number of kicks in that penalty shootout. If the result matches your bet, congratulations, your chance to get rich has come.

The bookmaker relies on the number of successful kicks of one or two teams to determine the betting result. If both teams complete 5 kicks and still draw, the penalty shootout will continue until one team wins. Therefore, this bet does not have a draw result, which helps increase players’ excitement when watching the matches

Popular types of Penalty bets

As mentioned, Penalty is a unique type of bet, giving bettors many interesting experiences in their sports betting journey. Penalty bets are very diverse with many ways of calculating and choosing, below are some popular types of bets today:

Popular types of Penalty bets

Bet on the final score of the penalty shootout: Players bet on the final score of the penalty shootout, which requires high prediction accuracy.

Bet on the team that takes the last penalty kick: Players bet on the team that will take the last penalty kick, this type of bet is quite attractive because it requires you to closely monitor each team.

Over/Under bet on the total number of penalty kicks taken: Players evaluate the performance of both teams in taking penalty kicks, then predict and bet over or under according to the number given by the bookmaker.

Over/Under bet on the total number of penalty goals scored: Players bet over or under based on the total number of goals scored in the penalty shootout. This is considered a way to evaluate the players’ ability when facing the opposing goalkeeper.

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Successful penalty kicks of both teams: Players will observe, predict the overall performance of both teams and place bets on the total number of successful times of both teams in the penalty shootout.

Penalty Betting Tips

After understanding the details of Penalty betting. The Penalty Betting Tips mentioned below will give you life-changing tips.

Analyzing the situation of the teams

Analyzing the situation of the teams

Collecting and analyzing information about the two teams is crucial for making accurate predictions. First, you need to learn about the players on the team, especially those with good free-kick abilities and stable playing mentality. In addition, grasp the team’s performance in recent years to make the most accurate betting decisions.

The rate of penalty kicks also depends on the tactics and playing style of the two teams. If the two teams often play offensively and often push up, the possibility of penalties appearing in their matches will be higher. On the contrary, if the two teams focus on defense, the possibility of penalties appearing in their matches will be lower.

Betting at the right time

In matches with penalty shootouts, betting after the first penalty shootout of both teams is a reasonable betting strategy. If a team starts the penalty shootout successfully, this will create an optimistic spirit for the whole team. If the first penalty fails, psychological pressure will occur, especially for players who do not have much experience in this situation.

Goalkeeper is an important factor to consider

Goalkeeper is an important factor to consider

In Penalty betting, the goalkeeper’s ability plays a decisive role in each penalty shootout. If you can determine which team’s goalkeeper is experienced, you will have a higher chance of winning the bet. Keep track of the goalkeeper’s performance history, especially in penalty shootout situations to easily make money in Penalty betting.


The above is all the useful information for you to decipher what Penalty betting is as well as the secret to winning bets. Hopefully, the above knowledge will bring you an easy victory when participating in football betting in particular and sports betting in general. Join us to experience the top sports betting games and receive attractive promotions.

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